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Are you waiting for a govt. employment? has your exam been stuck for Covid-19? Maybe this is a good news for you.

You know that some of the exams for Govt. job employment are stuck because of Corona Virus. But Ministry of Public Administration recently said that the stucked exam will be held soon after the Covid-19. You may be more well prepared for the exams if you know which of the exams are waiting to be held. Here is providing you with the list of those job employment exams:

Here is a shortlist for the exams to be held soon after the Covid-19:

a. PSC Exam: The 41st BCS was to be held at the beginning of April this year which is stuck because of Corona. Besides, the written exam result of 40th BCS is also in the same problem. So PSC suggests you to have the preparation of both preliminary & written of 41st BCS as well as the preparation of viva of 40th BCS.

b. Bank job Exam: One of the most popular scope of govt. job is bank job. Arif Hossain, Managing Director of Bangladesh Bank said to Prothom Alo that a written and preliminary exam of Janata Bank Job was partially completed because of covid-19. Almost lacks of candidates fought for 633 vacant posts. He suggests the candidates to take better preparation.

c. Directorate General of Food & Anti-Corruption Commission Exam: 15 lacks candidates applied for 1,100 posts of Directorate General of Food exam which was scheduled to be held March-April this year. Now the authority is waiting for a better time to take the exam than Corona Global Pandemic. For the same reason, exams for various posts of Anti-Corruption Commision exams are also postponed. So the authority advises you not to stop taking preparation as the exams might held soon after the pandemic.

d. BaNSDoC Exam: Exams for the vacant posts of 1st Class Sciecntific Officer and Accounts Officer of Bangladesh National Science and Technical Documentation Centre are scheduled to be held on 20th March which were also postponed to avoid any kind of risks related to Covid-19. ''Soon the exams will be held'', said the authority. 

e. Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism Exam: 3rd & 4th Class Job exam for Ministry of Civil Aviation & Tourism was also postponed that was to be held on 20th March. Take the better preparation as it will also be held soon.

f. Cotton Development Board Exam: 70 people were waiting to be recruited for 11 categorized posts of 3rd class & 4th class job of Bangladesh Coton Development Board. The exams would be held on 20th March & 27th March which were postponed temporarily. 

g. Roads and Highway Department Exam: Medical check-up exam for the vacant post of Security Guard of Roads & Highway Department, Bangladesh was to be held on 18th & 19th March this year. It will also be held soon after the corona situation is under control.

Some more of Govt. Job exams to be held:
q. District Commissioner Office (Various districts of Bangladesh)

More to follow for featured Govt. Job Circulars of next month:

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