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Are you a fresher at govt. job? Do you have just got your appointment letter? What will you do now? Follow this article below.

Nowadays, Govt. job is a hotcake is the context of Bangladesh. If you are lucky enough, then you may get a government job in Bangladesh. But you may lose your luck for some silly mistakes. You have to prepare some documents and have to do some medical tests. You may prepare yourself to the final stage of a govt. job following this. Stay with us.

Here is the final list of the required documents and the medical tests and others necessary informations:

1. Original & Photocopy of the Appoinment Letter.

2. A 300 BDT Non-Judicial Stamp carrying the agreement,''I will not give or take dowry in any marriage of me or my family members.'' You have to buy a non-judicial stamp of 300 Taka and have to sign an agreement that if you or any of your family members get married, then you will not give or take any type of dowry. Here is an example:

3. The medical tests to be done: You have to perform the following medical test to be sure that you are fit enough to perform your duty perfectly. The test names are below:

      a. Dope Tests:
            i. Urine for Opiates Test
            ii. Mehemphitamine (Yaba) Test
            iii. Cannabinoids Test
            iv. Buprinorphine Test
            v. Benzodiazepine Test
            vi. Alcohol Test
Here is an example of the Dope Tests:

      b. Blood Tests:
            i. Blood Grouping Test
            ii. HIV Test
            iii. HBsAG Test
Here is a reflection of the blood tests:

      c. Covid-19 Test: For this cruicial time, you may be asked by the authority to test if you are corona negetive. You may have to submit a covid-19 negetive certificate along with these above medical reports.

4. Fitness certificate from Civil Surgeon Office: After performing the medical tests, you have to go your civil surgeon office to have a fitness cerificate. Here is an example:

5. A Service Book: You have to buy and submit a service book which will reflect you duty after your joining.

6. 4 copies of recent passport size photo.

7. Hand written agreement letter: You have to write an agreement letter that will describe your joining position, date etc. This is one type of joining letter.

8. Police Verification: You may have to collect a police verification report and submit along with all these.

9. Accounts of assets/wealth: You also have to submit a self-signed certificate that will reflect your property.

Without any of these documents or certificates, you are not feasible to join your post. If the authority thinks so, you will not be allowed to join your job. So, If you have got your appointment letter, do hurry to complete this requirments.Take these and join your job smartly.

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